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  • Moments of our life

Certamen Internacional de Tunas, Costa Calidad


Joining our padrinos, the Tuna de Maastricht we had a blast in the sunny city of Murcia.

Sevilla Inmaculada


We were so lucky to be invited to this important festivity to honour of the Virgin in Plaza de la Inmaculada.

Annual NovatOlimpia

We acknowledge that being a novata can be challenging sometimes, that is why we organize a yearly Novatolimpia for the novatas to have the full tuna experience while creating a strong bond with their peers. Throughout the day they face many challenges, they can show their creativity, music skills and team spirit. We hope in the future this grows into a big international festival.

Sangria Party

We organize a sangria party from time to time to show our music to the people of Maastricht. Our usual sangria party location is the beloved Que Pasa, where you can sip home-made sangria while dancing to Clavelitos. Follow us on our social media to keep yourself updated about our next fun party!

How we started

Our tuna was founded in 2018 and back then we looked just like this.

We had a long way to go, but we had a great foundation of girls working hard on creating a strong and stable tuna with lots of music and joy.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane..

Our first parche in another city
2018, Valkenburg
Attending our first certamen, only as audience
2018, Eindhoven Tuna Festival
Having regular performances and travelling
Getting our own traditional tuna suits


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